LINC MISSION TRIP & Photos, April 24-29, 2016 written by Rev. Larry Bolick for Grace Reformed UCC

(Photos Provided by Rev. Ryan Calderone)


The LINC Mission Trip on April 24-29, 2016 was a participation in a new network called “The Disaster Recovery Support Initiative (DRSI),” which is a collaboration between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Church of the Brethren and the United Church of Christ.  To our surprise, the same construction supervisor from the Brethren, Tim Sheaffer, was our construction supervisor in Toms River, NJ, which was last year’s mission trip.  Our team was coordinated by Rev. Don Flick with his wife Jo Anne Flick, members of Church of the Master UCC, Hickory.  Jo Anne coordinated and cooked our delicious meals.  As a member of Grace Church, I drove the Grace Church Bus.  Three members of St. Matthew’s UCC, Maiden participated:  Roger Beard, husband to Myrtle Beard,  Sam Goodson, and Dale Goodson.  Unfortunately, Danny and Helen Owens were not able to participate due to illness.  Rev. Ryan Calderone, Bill Petersen, and Gina Senter, members of Unifour Christian Fellowship Church, Conover, participated.   Rev. Calderone is setting up a Facebook page on this year’s mission trip (

We were hosted by Holy Apostles Orthodox Church in America, West Columbia, SC by using their church building for lodging and meals.  Since we were there during Holy Week in the Orthodox Church, we observed members coming and doing for two daily services, one at 1-2 pm and another one from 6-8 pm.  Archpriest Thomas Moore, Rector, a convert to the Orthodox Church while in his thirties and an ordained United Methodist Minister and Social Worker, visited with our group on Wednesday evening to introduce us to the Orthodox Church, which dates itself from 1054 when the Schism took place between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, centered in Constantinople and eastern Europe.  He also gave each of us a complimentary book on the history of the Orthodox Church and Holy Apostles Church.  A copy is available with Rev. Ryan Brakemeyer.  He also invited us to attend Thursday’s service which would include all the Passion Story from all four gospels.  Several of us attended this service which included a litany of gospel readings, glorification psalms, choral responses by the choir and confessional prayers.  When the gospel was read each person, who had received a candle when they entered the service, had their candles lite and knelt for the reading of the passion story.  During the rest of the service all persons stood, except for the elderly like myself who was sore from working, made our way to the side of the sanctuary where benches were placed along the three walls, facing the altar.  

Our two work teams worked with three projects with three difference homeowners:  a disabled veteran from Afghanistan War, a paraplegic, disabled 39-year-old mother of a 5-year-old daughter, and a disabled, mentally ill single woman and her elderly mother who lost her home in a house fire.  All had water damage to their homes during the first weekend of October 2015.  The major project, supervised by Tim Sheaffer, was a complete remodeling job.  Our team helped to take off 6 layers of shingles, clean up the debris, install roofing, tar paper and shingles as well as install siding to the back of the house.  On Friday, this team began removing ceiling sheetrock and wiring.  The second team was supervised by Disciples coordinator and retired contractor, Mike Robinson, who oversaw a burn pile and bagging ashes, shoring up a swing set, building a pump house shelter, sheetrock installation to ceiling and walls inside and cleaning up debris.  A second project for this team was to install vinyl floorcovering and new commode to master bathroom.

We kept track of our hours which was valued at $22 /hour for the application for grants through federal, state and local funding.  The recovery work in South Carolina came under “FAST TRACK,” which is a partnership with local, FEMA state and national partners to facilitate Disaster Rebuild organization such as our organization.  This rebuilding program began in January and will continue through July 2016.  The next recovery area will probably be in Texas from the recent flooding there.


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  Thanks so much to those of you who were able to go on the Mission Trip to Columbia, was a successful venture and it was wonderful to make new friends as we offered service to those in need. We traveled safe and had no major problems which was a blessings. Ministers may want to recognize those who participated in this outreach ministry where we reached out to persons being served by Disaster Ministries sponsored by United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ and Church of the Brethren. Another ecumenical partner was the Holy Apostle's Orthodox Church that provided a place for the group to stay and prepare our meals. Attached find a couple of pictures from the Mission Trip....I'll send more to the participants as I am able to get all of the information on the trip pulled together in a full report. Blessings and Peace to all of you.....and thanks again to those who participated so generously.....Don Flick