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Grace in Our History….

Tradition tells us that Grace Reformed Church was organized in 1845. "A certain lot of land lying at the south end of the west row of lots in the town of Newton" was deeded and recorded in Catawba County on August 10, 1846. Forty years later (1886), a second church was built on Main Street (present home of Calvary Baptist Church). Ninety-nine years later (1945), a building fund for the present structure was established with a gift from Julius Abernethy, Sr., and on May 10, 1959, Grace Reformed Church was opened and dedicated.

Grace Reformed United Church of Christ boasts a rich heritage. Not only is it a beautiful physical structure, its rich beauty is reflected in the lives of its membership. Some of the families represent fifth generation continuity. From that comes the fond memory of those who preceded us - their commitments, their smiles, even where they sat consistently and faithfully in the sanctuary.

This is a church steeped in tradition, yet modern, educable and willing to learn.

Margaret Coley


Grace in Our Struggles….

In the early morning hours of June 16, 2003, lightning struck the roof of Grace Church, igniting a fire that will forever live in our memories. Those of us who came to the church that day remember the scene: the smell of smoke lingering throughout every corner of the building, the sound of water trickling from the ceilings and heartbreaking sight of our beloved sanctuary covered in soot and ash. Amid all the darkness of the smoke-filled sanctuary, warm summer sunshine was streaming in through the hole in the roof where the fire began.

The following Sunday, we gathered together in the Fellowship Hall, where we would continue to worship under the faithful leadership of Dr. Tom Hamilton for the next nine months. Work began immediately to repair the damage caused by the fire. The arch beam in the roof was replaced, new carpet was installed and the Casavant pipe organ was repaired and restored. Along with a few enhancements, everything was restored to its original beauty. Most significant, however, was the restoration that took place within our congregation. It seems that out of the tragedy of almost losing our church home, we were able to restore our faith in one another.

On Palm Sunday 2004, palm branches in hand, the congregation of Grace Church processed triumphantly from the Fellowship Hall around the outside of the building and into the front doors of our sanctuary to begin a new chapter in the history.

                                                                                 Nancy Rowe




Grace, Our Mission….

The avowed mission of this church shall be to worship God, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realized Christian fellowship and unity within the church and the Church Universal: to render loving service toward humankind; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.