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*** Worship Service Bulletin & Announcements ***


Upcoming Events




Upcoming Events and Meetings

(Updated each Thursday)

Please call the Church Office (828-464-4421) for information about

Scheduled meetings and activities.


Worship Service Bulletin and Announcements

For the Week of September 17th






         Today         9:45 am     Adult Sunday School:  “Sabbath

                                           Observance”   Exodus 31:12-18   (Chapel)
         Today       11:00 am     Worship Service

         Today         Noon        New Members Class   (Parlor)

         Today                          Brief Homecoming Committee Meeting

                                            in Parlor after Worship   (Chapel)

         Mon.         11:45 am     Lectionary Bible Study: Exodus 16:2-15,

                                            Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45; Phil.1:21-30;                       

                                            Matthew 20:1-16    (Parlor)

                         12:00 noon  Lunch Bunch

         Wed.        12:00 noon  Bible Study

                           1:00 pm     Lunch Bunch

                           4:45 pm     Kids Club

                           5:00 pm     Bible & More:  Apocalyptic– Daniel and

                                            Revelation, Part IV   (Chapel)

                           6:00 pm     Dinner

                           6:30 pm     Choir

         Sat.           10:00 am     Anyone who would like to help decorate                             

                                            the Fellowship Hall for Homecoming
         Next Sun.    9:45 am     Adult Sunday School:  “Spirit Filled Heart”             

                                             Ezekiel 36:22-32   (Chapel)

         Next Sun.   11:00 am    Worship Service / Homecoming
                        12:00 noon   Congregational Lunch (Fellowship Hall)   



                                   Birthdays This Week

17   Shannon Sharp     18   Margaret Alice Rader     20  Alex Reinhardt

       Mattie Stutts               John Wepner





A Service of Worship 
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

September 17, 2017 - 11:00 a.m.


  Ringing Of The Hour

Prelude of Sacred Music                    

Greeting & Announcements                      


WChoral Call to Worship                                                      Majesty

                                                                                             (#10 Blue Hymnal)                      

WOpening Words      
The love of God never ceases, God’s mercies never come
        to an end.  When we are lost, God sweeps away the
        darkness of the depths.

    When we are spiritually lost, God gathers us in from
        the wilderness.

    Every time we turn toward our home and remember whose
        we are, the scriptures proclaim there is joy in the presence
        of the angels.              
With thankful hearts, let us sing our thanks and praise!

WHymn Insert (The Worshipping Church Hymnal)            Morning Has Broken


WPrayer of the Day                                        

   Gracious God, when our spirits lift at the beauty of your creation,
     you are Lord.  When chaos threatens to overwhelm and we
     dread what lies ahead—still, you are Lord.  Speak your mercy
     and love into our hearts until we discover the courage to open
     our eyes, unclench our hands, and move toward fulfilling what
     you would have us do, until all the world moves with the
     rhythm of your grace; for we long to honor you.  Amen.


   Special Music                                                                 Without Him

                                    (Scott Curtis, soloist with Nancy Holcomb, pianist)

   Time with the Children                              

       After the Children’s Moment, all children (Preschool-5th Grade) are invited

            to remain in worship with their families or attend Children’s Church.
Scripture                                                           Matthew 18:21-35

        Pastor:  This is the Word of the Lord.      Response:  Thanks be to God!

                                                  Forgiveness?  Again?”


WHymn 444 (Blue Hymnal)                                    I Love to Tell the Story


   Sharing Our  Joys & Concerns


   Prayers of the People & The Lord’s Prayer

    Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come,

     thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread ,

     and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us, and lead us not

     into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom and the

     power and the glory forever.  Amen.


    Offering & Offertory                   

 Doxology & Prayer of Dedication

   Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him, all creatures here below.     

    Praise Him above, ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.


WHymn Insert (Celebrating Grace)        The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve







                       Welcome to all who are worshiping with us today!

                                         We are glad you are here!

       Please sign the Friendship Register and pass it down the pew.

Lectionary Passages for Sept. 17, 2017

Matthew 18:21-35
21Then Peter came and said to him, “Lord, if another
member of the church sins against me, how often should
I forgive?  As many as seven times?”
22Jesus said to him, “Not seven times, but, I tell you, seventy-seven times.
23“For this reason the kingdom of heaven may be
compared to a king who wished to settle accounts with his slaves.
24When he began the reckoning, one who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him; 25and, as he could
not pay, his lord ordered him to be sold, together with his wife and children and all his possessions, and payment to
be made.
26So the slave fell on his knees before him, saying, ‘Have patience with me, and I will pay you everything.’ 27And out of pity for him, the lord of that slave released
him and forgave him the debt.
28But that same slave, as he went out, came upon one of his fellow slaves who owed
him a hundred denarii; and seizing him by the throat, he
said, ‘Pay what you owe.’
29Then his fellow slave fell
down and pleaded with him, ‘Have patience with me, and
I will pay you.’
30But he refused; then he went and threw
him into prison until he would pay the debt.
31When his
fellow slaves saw what had happened, they were greatly
distressed, and they went and reported to their lord all that had taken place.
32Then his lord summoned him and said
to him, ‘You wicked slave! I forgave you all that debt
because you pleaded with me.
33Should you not have had mercy on your fellow slave, as I had mercy on you?’
34And in anger his lord handed him over to be tortured until he would pay his entire debt. 35So my heavenly Father will also do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your
brother or sister from your heart.”

 Welcome to Worship at Grace Reformed Church
We are grateful for your presence and invite you to participate
                              in the worship, service, and ministries of Grace Church!

During Today’s Worship  
   Please sign the red Friendship Pad located on the end of each pew so
       we might know you are here and to provide updated information.
   Large-print bulletins and hymn inserts are available. Also, individual
       listening devices for improved sound are offered.  Please see the
       ushers for assistance.
   Worship bags for children, containing activities and a bulletin
        designed for children, are available from the ushers.
    Children are invited to remain in worship with their families after
        the Children’s Moment or attend Children’s Church which is
        located in the Kids Club room on the lower level.  Children’s
        Church offers Bible stories and devotions, a craft, and snacks.
    Prayer request cards are found in the pews and may be placed in
        offering plate or given to the ushers or pastor.

If You Are New to Grace Church
We invite you to meet with the pastor after worship to receive a
         visitor’s packet with more information about our church including
         a current newsletter, monthly church calendar, and a Bible.
     Inquirer’s Class for New Members is offered to explore our church’s
         ministries, history, and beliefs.  This one-session gathering
         typically lasts 45 minutes and includes refreshments.  The next
         class will meet today, September 17th, after worship in the Parlor.

Grace Church Cares
Please notify the pastor of hospitalizations, personal concerns,
          illnesses, or deaths.  Please note that under current law, medical
          institutions no longer automatically inform churches when a
          member is admitted.  For a pastoral visit or home Communion,
          contact Pastor Ryan at 828-404-2100 (cell phone).
    Grace Church receives a special offering each month for members
         of our congregation who are experiencing financial distress. 
         Envelops for the Deacons’ Fund offering are located in the pews.



We have such a caring and loving congregation and
 the members of Consistory have asked us to help
keep track of all the ways that we have reached out to
other members of the congregation.  If you have sent
a card, made a phone call, or visited someone in our
congregation, please let us know through this form
which will be a constant fixture in the weekly bulletin.

YOUR NAME: ______________________________

Number of Cards: _____________________________

Number of Phone Calls: ________________________

Number of Visits: _____________________________

Again, no names of the recipients are needed,
just the total amount of cards, calls, and visits
that you have made.  Call Janet Roberts (695-9638)
if there are questions or more information is needed
about this important ministry.

Thanks so much for your continued care and support
of our family of faith and for the blessing that
you are to our church!



An invitation to join the Prayer Chain!
At each worship service and every Bible study or committee meeting, we include in our prayers the joys and concerns of our family of faith.  We invite you to include these prayer requests in your daily prayers by joining our church’s Prayer Chain.  Please state in the red Friendship Pads that you would like to receive Prayer Chain notifications and include your email address (or your phone number if you do not have an email address).  Thank you for considering this ministry!



Each year around parade time
several members of our church
will say, “it would be great if all of us had a Grace Church shirt!”  Well, we finally have a reasonably priced solution!  Our youth are selling personalized shirts (seen in the photo) for $10. 
Order forms are available at the back of the church and we encourage everyone to purchase a shirt or two.  Also, we will mail a shirt to out-of-town members or family members for an extra $5.  Any extra profits will be donated to the Kids Club fund.  We hope that you will not
only wear your shirt on upcoming parade days, but when we volunteer together OR when you are out and about!  Thanks again so much for your continued support of Grace Church!




Pastor    Rev. Ryan Brakemeyer            828-404-2100 or 828-294-8889 Choir Director     Scott Curtis       Organist     Margaret Alice Rader               
Pastors Emeritus             Dr. Tom Hamilton, Rev. Lawrence R. Bolick

Acolyte        Brilee Lutz                Altar Guild       Millicent Crawford

Ushers         Caroline Keenan, Janet Roberts
Bus Driver  Ed Sain    Sound Mark Geitner, Chad Linebarger


Att. Last Sun. 51, Offering $1,742.00, Deacons Fund $100.00, AC Fund $13.34, Playground $6.04, Wed. Night Meal $13.00, Kids Club $20.00, Mums $150.00







Grace Reformed
United Church of Christ

117 East J Street     Newton, NC  28658
Visit us at:





         Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday—8:30 am—12:00 noon;

                           Tuesday—12:00 noon—5:00 pm 

                           Thursday—8:30 am—12:00 noon, 1:00—4:00 pm

                                 Friday—OFFICE CLOSED


    Inclement Weather Policy:  It has been the policy of Grace 

    Church that in case of inclement weather any cancellations of

    meetings / worship services be made in consultation with the pastor; 

    that notification be made to the church members by means of Radio

    Station WNNC-AM 1230, WBTV and WSOC at least one hour

    ahead of time, that church groups / organizations be encouraged  to

    follow this same policy.  Cable 10 also carries WNNC Audio.








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